Everything you need to manage your Eye Clinic

OPAS is a Cloud based Software that incorporates all the factors necessary for the smooth running of an eye clinic.

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- Highly-robust Eye Clinic Management Software -

Patient Database

Register new patient and manage all patient record with ease. Search and update patient record and view patient timeline.

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Unlimited Users Account

OPAS Offers access based on the role of the person – HR, Receptionist, Doctor, Nurse, Optician etc.

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Stock Management

OPAS has a robust inventory manager, the system notifies you on stock balance and when out is stock.

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Robust Finalcial Report

Generate timely management reports such as sales reports, expenditure, invoices, payment, service reports etc.

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Manage your Eye Clinic from every and any where in the World

Made for Eye Doctors by Eye Doctors

Easy Search Patient

OPAS address the issues of looking for patient card/folder.

Reduces Scope of Error

Because processes on OPAS are automated and a lot of tasks are assigned to the software to perform with utmost accuracy with minimum human intervention, the scope of error is reduced dramatically. For instance, while billing a patient for the drugs used with OPAS, the bill can hardly go wrong because the drug the doctor indents is what is billed for until and unless there is a shortage in stock or change in drug order after the indent has been sent. Just selecting the lens/frame/drug name and the quantity will enable the software to calculate the amount due, accurately.

Data Availability

Data is available anytime, anywhere, any device. Compatible with all devices - Means that with any of your devices e.g mobile phones, tab, etc., your clinic/hospital data can be assessed anywhere and at anytime.

Cost Effectiveness

OPAS cuts out on a lot of manual work that is essentially performed in clinic/hospitals, especially the ones where documentation and record keeping is required. It helps in cutting down manpower because a lot of work gets automated and does not require manual intervention to store or analyze the information. It also saves much on storage and the related costs.

Increased Data Security Retrieve-ability

Record keeping in clinics/hospitals is a mandatory bane with two challenges: keeping the data safe with only authorized personnel getting access to it and retrieving it in the minimum possible time.

Send SMS to Patient

OPAS allows you to send SMS to patient could be in form of reminder for an appointment or birthday wishes, which is also a good tool for patient recall

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Bulk SMS

Patient Birthday




Attach Test



Integrating All Aspects Of Your Eye Clinic Management In One System.

OPAS is more than an IT solution, it helps offers clear information, rapidly for better patient care while ensuring that the clinic/hospital operates efficiently and improve profitability by plugging revenue leakage.

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